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This trek is one of the most popular trekking routes in Pakistan even in the world due to the traverse through amphitheater of eight of the world’s 30 highest peaks at a distance of about 25 kilometers. The area covered by this trek contains the highest concentration of high peaks any were in the world providing perhaps the greatest mountain scenery on earth. We have a special day free at Concordia to explore the hidden beauty of the surroundings. The Gondogoro La (5500m) offers the magnificent views of above 8000 meter peaks including K-2 (8611m) , Broad Peak (8047m), and Gasherbrums (8068m, 8035m). Let experience this challenging but highly rewarding trek.



Travel Amazing Karakoram (TAK) is a Government licensed company headed by Little Karim, a famous climber and Balti Sherpa;operates adventure groups in Pakistan.The diversity in nature and culture makes this country a fascinationg destination round the year.


Stephane Schaffter, Little karim & Apa Sherpa