Porters Dancing flora on Karakoram Mountains Hashupi Bagh in Shigar apa-sherpa-and-me_0 k2-from-Gondogoro-la summer 2010 (Little karim)



Travel Amazing Karakoram (TAK) is a Government licensed company headed by Little Karim, a famous climber and Balti Sherpa;operates adventure groups in Pakistan.The diversity in nature and culture makes this country a fascinating destination round the year.

Apa Sherpa, LIttle karim & Stephane


Well come to Pakistan
Pakistan is located in South Asia and bordered by Iran and Afghanistan in the west, India in the east and Republic China in the far northeast.Pakistan is the seventh most populous country in the world and official name is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It emerged on the map of the [...]



Deluxe:Five star hotels in main cities and best available in towns, luxury transport, high standard camping facilities with food of five star hotels, native language speaking guide.

Standard: Two to three star hotels, modest hotels in towns and standard camping facilities with experienced native guide.


I am thankful to all the comrades and others who recognized and documented me internationally. The inborn adventurism and the services to details gave me a legendry status in mountain tourism. At my golden age I decided to initiate a tour agency to keep continue the services to Adventure lovers [...]


Travel Amazing Karakoram1211 P.O.Box. G.P.O. 44000Islamabad Pakistan.


Executive Team
Mr. Abdul Karim (little)
known as Little Karim in the adventure world community recognized as the strongest Sherpa of Baltoro and also set a record of heaviest luggage carrier above 8000 meters. His more than 35 years of adventure services in the Karakoram has recognized internationally. At TAK his main responsibilities are [...]


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French documentary film director Mr. Laurent Chevallier who is well known director, directed a film on a famous and well known High Altitude porter Mr. Little Karim in 1985 naming “Little Karim”. This film is very famous in Europe and other countries and got first position in documentary film festival [...]


The Karakoram legend little karim along with Stephane Schaffter, Apa Sherpa  have successfully completed their mission to scale unnamed unclimbed peak in Nanpala in Nepal.

This expedition was sponsored by Jeager le coutre  a famous  Swiss watch manufacturing company. This expedition provided an opportunity to share the experience, [...]


The Karakoram legend little karim Director of Travel Amazing Karakoram Pakistan sets off to conquer a virgin Himalayan peak.A three member team comprising Stephane Schaffter, Apa Sherpa and famous Karakoram legend little karim are on their way to conquer a mountain in the Himaliyas that has never yet been [...]


Pakistan has something to offer round the year. Apart from the routine tourism activities TAK has potential for special interest areas. Some of them defined but mostly it depend on your whim and wishes. Please feel free for asking details.


We are capable to provide services to media related projects. Be it to be document a cultural event, or capture the nature we can make it a successful venture for you.


We give ground handling and assistantships at all level of a project from problem identification to completion of a project in remote areas of Baltistan region. The      company   is planning to initiate some regular tours on health improvement, education and environmental protection projects. We have developed some incentive-based touring plans [...]


We organize trophy hunting programs in Hushe valley (home village). The owners are the active members of the conservation project of the Karakoram National Park since its inception. Besides Hushe we also operate hunting programs in the Northern and Southern parts of Pakistan.


In the northern region the melting of ice in summer makes roaring streams and mighty rivers.  The watercourses are not graded yet, so white water sports in the peak of summer are recommended only for professionals. However, in autumn or spring when water is low some activities can be arranged [...]


Biking in Northern parts of Pakistan is a spectacular adventure among the snow-caped mountains, through the fertile lands and lash green valleys. Our Programs run along fabulous mountain valleys on the paved and un-paved trails.


Pakistan is the hub of age old civilizations and fascinating nature.We offer this tour to take you in the both attractions by luxury transport and stays in modest hotels. This tour runs through the areas of Gandharan Civilization of Taxila, Peshawer,and Swat up to the far northern valleys of Hunza [...]


This trip is a fair blend of culture, history and spectacular panoramic views of lush green valleys and gigantic mountains. Taxila, Peshawar and Takht-e-Bhai, is a fabulous experience of history while from Dir onwards, it is an incredible jeep adventure across Shandur pass, world’s highest polo ground while at the [...]


Short treks and Safari

This Baltistan package is designed to give full exposure of Baltistan, the home of biggest collection of mountains in the world. Apart from the high level trekking and mountaineering the area is equal fascinating for light adventures in the valleys. this tour will take you to the [...]


The panoramic passes, awesome mountains, magnificent glaciers, alpine meadows, and welcoming cultures, multiple choices and affordable prices, all makes Pakistan really a trekker’s paradise. The great diversity of trekking opportunities range from verdant valleys of Himalayas to rugged and remote places of the Karakoram with choices of streuous, moderate to [...]


This trek is one of the most popular trekking routes in Pakistan even in the world due to the traverse through amphitheater of eight of the world’s 30 highest peaks at a distance of about 25 kilometers. The area covered by this trek contains the highest concentration of high peaks [...]


Biafo and Hisper glaciers combine together forms the world’s longest glacier outside the polar region. The Snow Lake and the Hisper pass gives an unmatched trekking experience.After seven hours jeep journey from Skardu the trek will begin at Askole for the 115km ice corridor trek. Walking on dancing stones, crossing [...]


This exiting trek, starts at Chitral Valley, dominating  Trichmir,the highest peak of Hindu Kush range and ends in the beautiful valley of Hunza. This trek crosses three passes of Shah Jinali, Darkot and Chillinji, all along the Wakhan Corridor, a buffer zone between Russia and British India during the 18th [...]


Tirichmir (7708m) is the highest peak of Hindukush range and dominating the  Chitral valley from all sides. This trek is one of the best choice to have Hindukush trekking experience. A spinning jeep track takes you to Uthul from where the exciting trek begins. In a total of 6 days [...]


This treks runs in the vicinity of Karakoram Highway on 65kms long Batura Glacier, the second longest glacier in Pakistan, extends down to the valley till it hugs the KKH. The trek mostly runs through the shepherds trails along the flower filled moraines. It offers superb views of Batura, Passu [...]


Rock climbing is a sport in which participants climb up or across natural rock formations with the goal of reaching the summits. Rock climbing is similar to scrambling.Now rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport all over the world.
Pakistan is known for its high altitude climbing where the [...]


The Trango Towers are dramatic and adventurous group of rocks located on the north side of Baltro Glacier, in Skardu a district of the Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan. These Towers presents very adventurous, challenging rock climbing in the world therefore great patience and strong determination needed while daring to summit [...]


Nangma valley offers natural beauty with short approach for climbers. In the way to Nangma valley adventure lovers could have meeting with ibexes, quails, parrots, pheasants, local pet cows, buffalos, and yokes. Especially Dozens of rock peaks nestled in this area offers great climbing options. The Ammin Brakk and Changi [...]


The Karakorum Range Pakistan has many extensive granite peaks, Travel Amazing Karakoram offering some of the best adventure rock climbing on the globe.
Charakusa valley in the north east of Hushe posses some of the best rock climbing peaks. The Fati Brakk (5600 meter) Farhad Brakk (5400 meter) and Naisa Brakk [...]


The group of Latok  is a small cluster of dramatic rock peaks in the Panmah Muztagh part of the central Karakoram mountain range They just to the east of the Ogre group, dominated by Baintha Brakk on Biafo Glacier Shigar valley Gilgit Baltistan. The group has four main summits, here with [...]


The Northern Part of Pakistan composed by the Himalayan,Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountain systems, presents one of the most enthralling and beautiful mountains in the world. Pakistan has five above 8000 meter peaks out of the fourteen including K-2 (8611m),the second highest peak in the world. Besides, the lofty mountains, [...]

K-2 (Chogori 8611m)

The Saveg mountain, k-2 (8611m), the first in Pakistan and the second highest peak in the world partly in china and partly in the northern Areas of  Pakistan.This gigantic Mountain was first summited in 31 july 1954 by Italain mountanier Lino Lacedelli. Since than more than hundard expedition groups had attempted [...]


Nanga Parbat is the ninth highest mountain on earth and the 2nd highest in Pakistan Nanga Parbat means “Naked Mountain” in Urdu, is popularly known as the “Killer Mountain” due to the highest causalities inthe first half of the twentieth century. It is immense and dramatic peak of the western [...]


Gasherbrum I (8068m) also known as Hidden peak or k5 is the 11th highest peak on earth and 3rd highest in Pakistan.Gasherbrum I is part of the Karakoram massif, located in the karakoram region of the Himaliyas. Gasherbrum mean “Beautiful” mountain. Gasherbrum I was designated K-5 T.G Montgomery in 1856 [...]

BROAD PEAK (8048m)

The 8048 meters high Broad Peak (K-3) is the 12th Highest mountain on Earth and the 4th highest in Pakistan. Broad Peak is part of the Gasherbrum massif and is about 8 kilometers from K2. Due to its wide summit (i mile long) the peak called Broad Peak. Broad Peak is [...]


Gasherbrum II (K-4) is the 13th highest mountain on earth and the 5th highest in Pakistan.Gasherbrum II is the third highest peak of the Gasherbrum massif, located in the karakoram range of the Himalaya. Gasherbrum II is the third highest peak of the Gasherbrum massif.It is generally considered one of [...]


Chogolisa (or Bride Peak) is situated near the Baltoro Glacier in the Concordia region which is home to some of the highest peaks of the world. Chogolisa has several peaks the highest on the SW face (Chogolisa I) rises to 7,665 meters. The second highest at 7,654 meters on the [...]


Masherbrum lies on the south side of the Baltoro Glacier, in the heart of the central Karakoram. Mashabrum also lies at the north end of the Hushe valley, which serves as the southern approach to the peak. It was first attempted in 1938 but failed. After two more failed expeditions, [...]


Rakaposhi  is ranked 27th highest on the Earth and the 12th highest in Pakistan is popular as one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. The peak is the part of Karakoram mountain range is situated in the Nagar Valley near Gilgit. Rakaposhi was first climbed in 1958 by [...]