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Travel Amazing Karakoram is associated in order to Welcome international Adventurer & tourists in Pakistan continuously working since 2007 towards its goal of social development & environment conservation emphasizing on tourism by leading the adventurer & tourists with entire satisfaction by all aspects opening its door towards tourists offering them utmost services by setting high standard of tour & travel to the desired or selected areas according to their views & opinions. We introduce the latest ideology & developed from of tourism before our tourists enabling them to avail & entertain our services & facilities in a moderate, open, charming atmosphere & environment. They will feel no hesitation to ask for any demand during their trip with us. They will keep in mind always to repeat their tours with us in future as well.

The company Traval Amazing Karakoram (TAK) established under the license number –ID – 1058 from Pakistan tourism Industry in 2007.The Company mission is to promote tourism, provide quality services to facilitate foreign & local mountaineers, rock climbers, trekkers & tourists in Karakoram, Himaliya, Hindukash ranges & other beautiful areas of Pakistan. Travel Amazing Karakoram Pakistan offers wide range of services in the field of mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, & tours for adventure lovers. The company is headed by Abdul Karim, known as * Little Karim *in the adventure world community and he is recognized as the strongest Sherpa of Baltoro Glacier ranges. His more than 40 years of services in the field of adventure in the Karakoram ranges has been recognized internationally.

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To strengthen tourism sector in Pakistan we are well organized & having extensive experience in the filed with practical involvement in drive into gross filed, Mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking & tours. We provide tourists with tour of historical, popular, famous & attractive or selected hilly, mountainous, filed areas & valleys. using our unique system we facilitate our tourists with required support & keen interest to take care of them during their tour trip with our organization. we commensurate with intentional level of tourism at all steps insuring providing mature services to our clients in order to remain ever regular & fair station for the tourists flow arriving from for & nearer zones of the country.

Service Deluxe:- Five star hotels in main cities and best available in towns, luxury transport,high standard camping facilities with food of five star hotels, native language speaking guide.View Details TAK seravice in baltoro
Executive Team
Mr. Abdul Karim (little) known as Little Karim in the adventure world community recognized as the strongest Sherpa of Baltoro and also set a record of heaviest luggage carrier above 8000 meters. His more than 35 year of adventure services in the Karakoram has recognized internationally. At TAK his main responsibilities are field management and training of staff. View Detail

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