K-2 (Chogori 8611m)

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The Savage mountain, k-2 (8611 meters), the first in Pakistan and the second highest peak in the world partly in china and partly in the Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan.This gigantic Mountain was first summit in 31 July 1954 by Italian mountaineer Lino Lacedelli. Since than more than hundred expedition groups had attempted but very essay writer few have succeeded to the summit.The mountain is 8611 meters (28,251 feet) high. It is believed that the mountain is harder to climb than mount Everest because of difficulty of ascent and very bad weather. K-2 is also much higher then the area around it when compared to Everest. K-2 is neck named. the mountain was first discovered and measured in 1856 by Henry Haversham Godwin-Austen and Col. T.G. Montgomerie and was given the symbol K-2 (karakoram no 2 ) The first serious attempt to climb K-2 was organized and undertaken in 1902 by Oscar Eckenstein and Aleister Crowley, Subsequent, attempts made to climb the mountain in 1909,1934, 1938,1939 and 1953 were ended in failure. An Italian expedition finally succeeded in ascending to the summit of K-2. Wanda Rutkiewicz was homework market first women Who summit k-2.in 1986 who was polish by Nationality.

Name : k-2 Chogo-Ri Base Altitude : 5100 m- 5150 meters
Height : 8611 meters Range : Karakoram Pakistan
Location : Baltoro Glacier Duration : 60 days
Day 01: Arrival overnight at Hotel in Islamabad.
Day 02: Briefing Ministry of Tourism overnight at Hotel in Islamabad.
Day 03: Drive to Chilas overnight at Hotel in Chilas.
Day 04: Drive to Skardu overnight at Hotel in Skardu.
Day 05: Preparations.
Day 06: Drive to Askoli overnight camp.
Day 07: Trek to Jula overnight camp.
Day 08: Trek to Payu overnight camp.
Day 09: Trek to Rudukas overnight camp.
Day 10: Trek to Goro II overnight camp.
Day 11: Trek to Concordia,overnight camp.
Day 12-48: Climbing.
Day 49: Trek back to Concordia, overnight camp.
Day 50-55: Trek back to Hushe or Askoli overnight camp.
Day 56: Drive back to Skardu overnight at Hotel.
Day 57: Drive back to Chilas overnight at Hotel.
Day 58: Drive back to Islamabad overnight at Hotel.
Day 59: De-Briefing at Ministry of Tourism overnight at Hotel.
Day 60: Departure.
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